Lady IMPRÉVUE was born from the twenty-year experience gained in its Elite Sartory Laboratory.

Care in the continuous technological development in the tailoring world has allowed Lady IMPRÉVUE to affirm on the international and high level market, becoming a solid reality in the women’s world of down jackets.

Lady IMPRÉVUE has made sure that a simple dress that often goes unnoticed would become a prestigious product, giving it refinement, comfort and elegance, while retaining sensuality as an indispensable element for every woman.

From the careful stylistic research of the individual models, until the packaging, the product is entirely managed by a team of tailoring specialists, without third parties; This is to ensure the highest quality in every single head.

Each down jacket, is made entirely of Lady IMPRÉVUE‘s tailor-made fabrics, is created according to very special care in every small details; From the process of choosing the best fabrics on the market of the made in Italy, to the most valuable goose feathers.


Each bow, or down jacket, used to create the padding of the clothes is extracted from the chest of the buds. This delicate process is carried out to give the most ethical respect to the animal and to ensure that each duvet maintains its natural texture in the wrap to give those who wear it the right heat so desired on colder days.

Some models are combined with precious furs, dressed in the largest and renowned Italian tanneries, with soft hoods or collars, or to create a comfortable and harmonious border on the wearer’s sleeves.

Lady IMPRÉVUE wants to give those who wear their clothes, comfort, elegance and sensuality at every opportunity: from the most formal and chic to the most casual and underground.

Every single garment is adorned with a snowflake, entirely made in Swarovsky. Lady IMPRÉVUE today has become synonymous of elegance, quality and femininity at 100%.